Asia Pacific Jurist Association-Aiming to Protect the Environment

Asia Pacific Jurist Association (APJA) is a platform of legal fraternity aiming at Sustainable Economic Development and saving the earth from further abuse.

The Paris climate agreement fiasco is yet to settle down, but the already existing and the constantly growing issues are on the rise. The ecological disasters, climatic changes, Ozone depletion, Carbon footprint, etc. are all creating a grim situation to the already fragile environment. Environmental laws are not that strong that they can protect the world from sliding to the path of disaster. Situations are politicized and countries and its leaders are only concerned about their own selfish motives ,not giving a thought to what the future will hold for all .

As an NGO with the international patronage of various countries of A-PAC (East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania), APJA is poised to be a force to reckon with. The aim is to find the ways to promote environmental protection where the professionals shall meet, interact, cooperate, and share their experiences.

They will also be involved in imparting assistance towards sustainable economic development. Incidentally, mining is a prime culprit in environmental degradation. Besides the hazards in the haphazard mining practices, the burning of fossil fuels affects the fragile ecology adversely.

G L Mandhani Trust and Mr. Bijay Mandani helped the organization by donating for the cultural program in the year 2014 and is actively involved in the real cause.The charity  program was organized to raise funds for the cause of environmental issues and to find ways to curb them.

As a sincere and a continuous effort, Mr. Bijay Kumar Mandhani works in close collaboration with the Asia Pacific Jurist Association to identify and meet the challenges in protecting the ecology and thus helping the future generation.



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