Poverty and Unemployment: Exploring the Connections

Over several decades the gap between the rich and the poor in India has widened continuously reaching an all-time high in the present scenario.

It has been observed that financial crises accentuates poverty and income inequalities. As the economic and especially the jobs crisis persists and fiscal consolidation takes hold, the most vulnerable in society could be hit harder as the direct and indirect costs of the living increases. With higher unemployment and lower returns from capital, the financial crises adversely affects people.

Worsening income and asset inequalities within and across countries are weakening the social and political fabric of our societies, fueling a downward cycle of economic, political and social uncertainty. The greater the delay in implementing relevant and region specific strategies, the larger the adverse consequences on people.

The G L Mandhani Trust have realized this rising issue  and the Mandhani Family along with Mr. Bijay Mandhani are promoting well-targeted cost effective and efficient labor activation programs, focused on skill training and upgrading;especially the vulnerable groups and fostering youth employment.These include youth employment guarantee programs  and promoting vocational training.

The trust is also working in association with various other NGOs and societies in order to reduce the gap in the haves and the have nots by reducing the unemployment rates among men and women by providing them in-house skill development trainings and  adequate monetary help to start their own work or business.

So making people self-sufficient either through employment opportunities or financial help for own ventures is one of the important aim of the GL Mandhani trust.


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