Hyderabad Arts and Cultural Association- A Fundraiser

Not long after the states were shaped on the basis of dialects, the social and craftsmanship exercises began blurring in the light of the fact that the gathering of people and prevalence of south Indian workmanship and culture gets noticeably restricted in the city. Just a couple of organizations were allowed to work in this field that too with constrained assets and ability. Not many shows were charted out at the Hyderabad show lobby at King Koti zone, number of music lovers was diminishing and the old and profitable workmanship was losing its affinity with the general public.

Hyderabad Arts and Cultural Association is an executive association working broadly to elevate and to win the workmanship and social exercises in South India. With a prolong mission to unite and enable the ability identified with culture and craftsmanship exercises in Hyderabad, the association has trained its individuals to hold hands and cooperate to develop the district’s craft and culture and promote it everywhere throughout the world.

The association is providing a roadmap of an ever rising number of alternatives for a specific goal to make local culture and craftsmanship unnoticeable in the realm of performing arts. The visionary group of the association is looking for each opportunity and alternative in order to promote the art among the national and international gathering of people in order to safeguard and create awareness for the Indian workmanship and culture in this evolving world. The Maheshwari Brothers found and comprehended the great deeds of Hyderabad Arts and Cultural Association and to encourage the arts and culture, the liberal G L Mandhani Trust and Mr. Bijay Mandani helped the association by donating whole heartedly for its social program, in the year 2014 and 2016.


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