Deepshika Mahila Club-Serving mankind

In their urge to work for the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society five ladies in 1965 founded Deepshika Mahila Club as a forum where their desire to serve the humanity could be realized alongwith other like minded ladies to support the cause of education, healthcare and empowerment of the under privileged women and children in India .

With the strength of 150+ individuals, the club has been involved in imparting technical training to Junior College level students. It is also engaged in various programs which aim to bring about a financial freedom in the young women.This is done by providing them expertise in garment construction , weaving, software engineering, pre-essential educators’ instructional classes, Para-therapeutic and office-management courses through Vocational training.It has also focus built up at Kanya Gurukul High School at Ameerpet, Hyderabad. The school has imparted training to more than 1200 young ladies till date.

Deepshikha Mahila Club also offers financial aids for undertaking heart surgeries and other medical treatments for the poor and the needy. The club also supported the families of the Kargil war heroes by providing them with food and other essential items. Deepshikha Mahila Club has also done an exceptional work for the mankind by giving Artificial Limbs to more than 100 physically challenged individuals till date. The club had organized a fund raising support program in the year 2016 which was supported by Mr.Bijay Kumar Mandhani from G L Mandhani TrustĀ  with the support of the entire Mandhani Family.


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