Celebrating the spirit of Hyderabad with Hydourite Foundation

Our culture is the lifeline of our nation. India is known for  its excellence in the plurality of art forms and cultural heritage. However in the race to development the lack of interest and awareness in art in its various forms is putting a dark shadow on  our rich cultural heritage. Against this backdrop Hydourite Foundation came forward to take a stand towards keeping our culture and art forms live and blooming.

Hydourite Foundation is a not-for-profit Trust shaped to advance a ceaseless intrigue towards art and culture in the present and future era. Hydourite is derived from ‘Our Hyderabad, our Favourite’. The Trust leads a 100 days social fest consistently to advance its objective(s) and has been doing this since 2012. This Festival commends the soul of Hyderabad with exhibitions, presentations, shows and ideas that connects like-minded Hyderabadis together. The trust additionally helps the underprivileged, who have enthusiasm for performing arts by facilitating a good tutor and help in giving the required instrument(s) to nurture the talent and improve their quality.

Hydourite is the most promising Art and cultural festival in recent past which is genuinely working towards bringing up reorganization to both local and international talents. The trusties of the foundation are always looking for philanthropic individuals like Mr. Bijay Kumar Mandhani from G.L. Mandhani for support and encouragement. The Mandhani Family sponsored the third season of the Hydourite festival to support this cultural cause with good deeds to promoting Art & Culture in the true sense.


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