Annual Theatre Festival of Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation

The legendary personality, Sh.Qadir Ali Baig, brought life into the city of Hyderabad with all the creative theater work that he presented and brought the city in the list of most culturally rich cities in the world. That is why the Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation is synonymous with the world class theater art in the city of Hyderabad. The theater is a platform where the creative works of the talented artists is showcased in the following genres- Indian Classics, Broadway Hits, Tony Award Winners, Tragedies, Comedies, Period Spectacles, Social Satires, Mythology, Fantasy, Musicals, Dastaan-goi, Dance Theatre, Puppet Theatre, Circus Theatre, Monologues and Duologues. The theater withholds over 400 multi-lingual theater performances involving most respectful names working with national and international organizations. Many of these performances are sponsored by the G L Mandhani Trust.

Qadir Ali Baig theatre celebrates the ‘Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival’ every year and is considered to be the most promising and prestigious theatre festival in the whole Indian subcontinent. Mohammad Ali Baig formed and designed this festival with the sole purpose of bringing together the largest gathering of artist from all round the world to work and perform together in as many as six different languages. Mr.Bijay Kumar Mandhani from the G L Mandhani Trust, is extremely passionate about the art and culture & this mesmerizing event and has thus sponsored the event to keep the spirits of the most awaited event in the cultural calendar of the country high.

Each year the festival has a theme based on which various artists work with the diverse theatrical and artistic perspective and understanding. The festival does not only cater to  the theater lovers but also involves many others through various workshops, lectures, screenings, book releases and discussions where they can participate and interact with the artists and benefit from their talent.


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