Asia Pacific Jurist Association toward Sustainable Economic Development

Asia Pacific Jurist Association is a NGO formed by ace legal professionals from various countries of A-PAC region to find the ways to promote studies and interaction in the field of environment and analyze the common factors which are leading to huge ecological degradation and loss.

APJA’s principal role is to provide a forum to members of the legal profession and associated fields in the Asia and Pacific region to meet, interact, cooperate, and share their experiences, and to provide insight into the different legal systems with a view to promoting the region for maximum utilization of its resources and achieving sustainable economic development

Mr. Bijay Kumar Mandhani from Global Coal and Mining Private Limited (GCMPL), is an active member of Asia Pacific Jurist Association and had played an important role in accomplishing the association’s interest in environmental laws and their enforcement with particular reference to the Asia and Pacific region.  Mr. Bijay Kumar Mandhani, Hyderabad, has helped the association with donation towards advertisement for the souvenir in the year 2014 which was aimed to work closely to identify and meet the challenges resulting from the haphazard, random, and unorganized development in the Asia Pacific region and the awareness among the public on risk management.


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